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The copyright of Rafael Cansinos Assens is very important to his Foundation because from it comes part of the money that allows his survival. The Fundación-Archivo Rafael Cansinos Assens does not have any institutional aid or subsidy. Nor does it have private patronage. The Foundation is financed exclusively with author's royalties and with the contributions of the writer's son.

All the copyright of the writer Rafael Cansinos Assens is reserved by the owner, who is his son Rafael Manuel Cansinos Galán, universal heir to Rafael Cansinos Assens because the writer established it in his will. The original works, their translations, newspaper articles, letters or personal documents, or any other type of text written by Rafael Cansinos Assens, are under the protection of Spanish and international Intellectual Property laws, and are NOT in the public domain. Copyright is managed directly by the owner. Through this page you can contact the rightful holder.

The reprographic rights are managed by CEDRO, an institution that also collaborates in the fight against piracy of the author's works and translations on the Internet. If you have a problem and need legal assistance, consult our recommendations section, all based on our experience.